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Before Sunfish

At Sunfish, we bring two different backgrounds into one coherent service portfolio. Campbell brings decades of leadership roles in high-growth technology firms and a track-record of delivering private equity returns and value creation. Meg has hands-on experience covering tech, publishing and hospitality industries where she has undertaken both general management roles and specialist marketing functions.

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Campbell Williams

I have been in the tech industry for 20+ years with significant M&A experience in the last 10 years. I have held director-level and P&L management responsibilities across all areas of the customer and product lifecycle as well as managing teams responsible for acquisition integration and strategic transformation.

Meg Dilnot

I have been marketing-focused in various roles for 10+ years, with practical experience in tech, publishing and hospitality. Having spent a lot of time working alongside globally-respected marketing experts, I strive to implement the strategic and executional best practices I’ve learned along the way in all my projects.

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