Corporate Communications

For almost all his 20 years in business, Campbell has worked in corporate communications for both publicly-listed and privately-owned companies. He is a seasoned campaigner across Public Relations (PR), Investor Relations (IR) and Analyst Relations (AR).

Campbell has led PR initiatives that have resulted in coverage in The Times, FT, Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard, City AM and many more. In doing so, he has appeared in person on Radio 4’s business breakfast and been interviewed live on Chris Evans’ Drivetime show on Radio 2.

Corporate Communications specialist speaking into microphone at press conference
Journalist typing after receiving corporate communications broadcast

Public Relations

Campbell has written more press releases and Regulatory News Service (RNS) announcements than he can possibly remember. He is an expert in leveraging corporate comms to ensure that companies have the right “shop window” and are a coveted asset in their industry. Sunfish has no ambition to be a specialised PR agency but if you are looking for real-world advice on how to gain coverage, create news, and work with PR agencies, then we would be delighted to help.

Investor Relations

With a career spanning both publicly listed companies and private equity backed ones, Campbell has a rich knowledge of how to manage IR programmes. He knows how to bring clarity to strategy, bring industry focus to life for non-experts, highlight the performance metrics that create shareholder value, and explain where a company is on the journey to value realisation.

Investors taking notes at meeting
Analyst meeting taking place as part of a corporate communications strategy

Analyst Relations

Campbell has worked with every major global tech analyst – e.g. Gartner, Ovum, IDC, etc – as well as more institutional analysts from Capgemini, Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC. He also has long-standing relationships with more sector-specific firms like 451 Research, MZA, Cavell, CBRE (data centre solutions), Colo-x and Freeform Dynamics. If you are looking either to establish an analyst outreach programme or simply to understand how they can help you operate more effectively, Campbell can help to guide you.

Internal Communications

As companies scale, internal communications becomes ever-more important. Whether the objective is maintaining culture or simply providing performance updates, crafting great internal messaging should always be a part of a holistic corporate communications programme. Campbell has owned internal comms for many business and has experience across the full comms mix.

Group of employees representing internal aspect of corporate communications

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