Customer Experience

Having a world-class GTM plan is no longer enough to ensure success. Customer Experience – and the loyalty, engagement and advocacy of your customers – is critical to your success and how prospects evaluate you.

We are experienced Customer Experience advocates; Campbell has established and managed CX initiatives and teams, lead Investor in Customers and Investors in People programmes, launched Customer Communities, worked in User Groups and championed customer satisfaction and NPS exercises. Meg has worked alongside world-leading CX experts and some of the world’s largest brands as they strategise and develop their own customer experience initiatives.

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Customer First

It’s not enough to think “how do I want to sell the products I’ve got” (product-out) but essential to think “how do customers want to consume my services” (customer-in). Better aligning an offering with your customers’ needs increases customer satisfaction, loyalty and engagement – not only increasing customer retention but lifetime value – by simplifying up-sell and cross-sell journeys.

CX is as much about culture and behaviour as it is about metrics and structure. In order to succeed, it is crucial to develop a customer-centric culture in which everyone understand the importance of their role in the end-to-end customer experience – it can take years to build a relationship but only one failed “moment of truth” to ruin it all.

CX Support

We work with businesses who are seeking to develop a CX initiative or to add a specific CX focus to their operations. Our advice will help with all the practicalities of getting started and measuring success.

For those with larger-scale ambitions, we can introduce you to world-class experts and agencies that will provide insights into both customer experience and employee engagement.

Regardless of the scale of your ambition, we are here to help.

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