Purpose and Brand

Having a clearly defined purpose is one of the most underrated success factors in business.  Everything flows directly from purpose – your strategy, brand promise, company culture, go-to-market, and so on – yet many companies don’t spend enough time thinking about why they exist.

We find a lot of start-ups and SaaS companies with a clear sense of purpose – as a factor of being new and focused on one product – yet many scale-ups and more established companies have lost sight of why they are in business.  This is often compounded by having no clear sense of brand, identity or style – the intangibles that help a company to stand out – meaning it’s hard for prospects and customers to associate themselves with the organisation.

We work with clients on purpose and brand projects to define/redefine:

  • Why they exist in the first place – the core of their origin and purpose
  • A Purpose Statement that is used in company messaging and recruitment
  • Current and aspirational brand archetypes as a framework for the future
  • Company name and brand direction to change future direction
  • Visual identity – logo, colour palette, font, etc – for the rebrand
  • Tone-of-voice and style of messaging for the rebranded/refreshed business

Differentiation is a key focus for these types of projects and we always aim to put clear blue water between you and your competitors.  This work sets the scene for all our other GTM agency plays like proposition development and content creation, as well as for new websites, PR and other marketing tasks.

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