New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction (NPI) is a highly specialised area and can be challenging for companies who are either broadening their product portfolio for the first time or who are introducing new products/services at a larger scale than ever before.

The team at Sunfish has launched multiple new products and services over several decades.  Our experience includes 20+ countries over three continents as well as ground-up NPI of completely new technology offerings.  Our structured approach includes the following elements:

  • Market: understanding customers, competitors, differentiators, etc
  • Financial: business case, pricing, capex, opex, margins, break-even, etc
  • Product: service description, SLA, components, features, specs, etc
  • Demand: sales, marketing, training, commissions, channels, campaigns, etc
  • Deploy: implementation, support, technical, PLM, book-to-bill, MSA, etc
  • Launch: alpha, beta, controlled introduction, general availability, GTM, etc

From a discrete soft launch to a major launch event; from pre-teaser to release; from process robustness to ability to sell; our advice, help and hands-on support will allow you to choose the optimum NPI approach for the specific offering and ensure that all the crucial elements are considered and defined.

Let’s arrange a time to discuss how we can help grow your business.