How we help

Across our five areas of expertise (M&A, GTM, CX, PR and marketing toolbox) we also have five main practice areas where we can help you to leverage that expertise. You can leverage any individual expertise area, or a blend of them, and realise it through any or a blend of the practice areas.

Consulting Projects

Typically, these would be based on the creation of a report to cover a focused and actionable set of deliverables, such as scoping a market, establishing a customer programme or restructuring a business. Alternatively, you could look to hire us for a number of days to provide support for a project like an acquisition.

Practical Execution

This could be either a follow-on from a project or a separate exercise; either way, you’re looking for us to help you to execute a piece of work, either ad hoc or ongoing, from one of our expertise areas or marketing toolbox. We provide this based on a rate sheet for individual jobs or on an hourly/daily rate basis.

NED & Mentoring

Campbell welcomes the opportunity to be a non-executive director on the board of high-growth companies who are looking to transform their business through M&A, differentiate through leading GTM and CX, and ultimately looking for a successful future exit. He is also an experienced leader, mentor and coach, and would love to work with individuals or management teams to help them to navigate their growth journey.

Due Diligence

Whether you are on the buy-side looking for help with undertaking commercial or technical DD for a potential acquisition (you could be the acquirer themselves or a corporate financial advisor needing some extra expertise) or you are on the sell-side looking to prepare for exit, you can hire Campbell to help you do so.

Speaker & Facilitator

Campbell is a world-class speaker and presenter, having toured the world giving talks and slideshows, including twice speaking at United Nations events. He has led or participated in numerous panel discussions and roundtables. Whether you are looking for a motivational speaker, a thought-provoking neutral observer, or a facilitator of any other discussion, Campbell’s twenty years of experience will take your event or workshop to another level.

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