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How We Work

We believe in being flexible and we don’t impose one way of working on our clients.  We’d be delighted to build a bespoke approach for you that fits with the way you want to work and we are always pleased to evolve this over time.

Typically, we work in one of three ways..

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Projects and Ad Hoc Work

This could be anything from a standalone piece of collateral execution to a two month fund-raise or a six month rebranding and redevelopment project.  We develop a tight scope, timeline and project fee and we deliver to the agreed plan.  Many of our clients start out working with us on a single project before moving to an ongoing relationship over many months or years.

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Call-off Days

This is for clients who know that they need ongoing support but in a more “bursty” way than a weekly/monthly retainer requirement.  Purchasing call-off days allows you to have a discount on the standalone ad hoc agency rate for our work but without the ongoing commitment of a retainer.  When you need us, you schedule in time in advance and we deliver the agreed outputs.

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Retainer Contract

If you know that you have a specific time requirement, perhaps one or two days every week or month, then a retainer is the most cost-effective way to work with us.  This could be on an ongoing advisor or non-executive director basis or us becoming part of your marketing team on a part-time basis.  Whether it’s strategic advice or tactical execution, a retainer brings us together.


Our Associate Approach

We have a compelling array of in-house expertise at Sunfish but we’re always quick to point out what we don’t do. Therefore, we have a number of trusted associates, people we know, trust and have worked with on many projects over the years, that we bring in to help you when needed. These typically cover:

  • Financial advisory, specialist diligence or other associated modelling
  • Legal advisory, specialist diligence, or other contract-related needs
  • Software or web development for custom or complex work
  • Technical drawing or UI/UX development for websites or illustrations
  • Visual identity, colour schemes and brand psychological effects
  • SEO, PPC, Paid Social and other specialist digital campaign areas

Whatever the approach to working with Sunfish, we manage all the necessary third-parties on your behalf, under a single SLA and contract, and under a single-point-of-ownership for all deliverables as part of a coherent strategy and plan.

Let’s arrange a time to discuss how we can help grow your business.