Business Strategy

Business Strategy consulting projects typically cover some or all of the other areas in which we work, as well as the overarching strategy and business plan.  Our work here contains, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  1. Evaluation of current strategy, ability to execute and performance
  2. Company structure, organisational blueprint and optimisation
  3. Culture, people management, talent nurturing and benchmarking
  4. Growth plan, go-to-market, pipeline building and sales results
  5. Competitor analyses, relative positioning and SWOT-type work
  6. Purpose, brand, proposition, messaging and related intangibles
  7. Customer experience, lifecycle, end-to-end journey and KPIs
  8. Product portfolio, market requirements, fitness for purpose and gaps
  9. Value creation plan, invest-ability and readiness for exit
  10. Operational and financial performance, metrics and improvements

We typically work with clients to assess these business strategy elements either as part of a specific exercise (raising money, transformation, growth, exit, etc) or as a general health-check.

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