Growth Strategy

As the old saying goes: “the top line never lies”.  A good business, that builds value, that is a coveted asset and that is successful in a growing marketplace will itself be growing organically.  We work with clients to evaluate, refine and optimise their growth plan by looking at the following elements:

  • Market Opportunity: ­­size, scale, growth rates, high-growth segments, and so on
  • Customers and GTM: target customers, GTM mix, right offers at right time, etc
  • Competitor Positioning: how are you differentiated, why do you win, gap analysis, etc
  • Portfolio Readiness: product mix, product management, pricing, positioning, etc
  • Marketing Execution: pipeline building, customer journey, conversion ratios, etc
  • Sales Successes: wins, conversions, account management, up-sell/cross-sell, churn, etc

We have decades of experience in high-growth tech companies and industries.  Growth needs more than just sales success; the whole team needs to be pulling together in the same direction.  Product, marketing and sales teams need to be aligned with the right market opportunity and target customers.  We will help you turbo-charge your organic growth initiatives.

Let’s arrange a time to discuss how we can help grow your business.