Investment/Exit Support

Campbell has been on the buy-side of 25 completed acquisitions, undertaking Commercial and Technical Due Diligence in-house.  We have also worked on many dozen more deals that did not complete and high-level analysis on 100s of potential transactions.  On the sell-side, we have ran point on numerous CDD, ITDD and VDD projects too as part of fund-raises and exits.

Even if you are not looking for investment or actively seeking a buyer, it is always wise to adopt a posture of readiness so that you can maximise your returns should the right opportunity arise.  We help clients with investment/exit readiness by looking at:

  • What type of investment or exit is the right one for you?
  • What are your short-term aspirations under new or shared ownership?
  • What financial, operational and trend data do you have to support exit?
  • How are you positioned and benchmarked against competitors and peers?
  • How successful are you relative to your addressable market size and growth?
  • What are buyers looking for from targets, how ready are you, do you fit?

Only with many years of assessing targets, buying companies and sitting in deal rooms are you fully aware of the challenges.  With experience of diligence exercises and sales process covering many months, we will help you to prepare, to be ready and to lay the groundwork over many years so that you’re able to raise money and/or sell your business for a higher value.

Let’s arrange a time to discuss how we can help grow your business.