Transformation and Integration

With some 25 acquisitions under our belts, and a career spent reinventing and restructuring established businesses, we have a lot of practical experience in transforming companies and integrating acquisitions.  Our transformation and integration consulting projects can cover:

  • Top-down business transformation, organisational blueprinting and structural overhaul
  • Target operating model assessment, enterprise architecture and systems readiness
  • Integration planning, synergy realisation, restructuring and people redeployment
  • Risk mitigation, key personnel retention and focus on target customer experience
  • Operational process redevelopment, optimisation and integration readiness
  • Alignment of transformation strategy with BAU tactics, GTM and operational performance

We have learned a lot from the transformation teams we have led and the integrations we have been involved in.  The combination of positive experiences along with the scars of negative ones, along with operational leadership in a host of commercial positions, means we are uniquely qualified to help companies who are looking to transform their business with an acquisition component.

Let’s arrange a time to discuss how we can help grow your business.