Shareholder Value Creation

Any successful business, whether it is a start-up, scale-up or a more mature company, will need to have a plan for shareholder value that crystallises at some stage.  Smart businesses always keep one eye on the prize and keep value creation as a core consideration at all times.  We help businesses to build and develop shareholder value along six key dimensions:

  1. Market Dynamics: understanding market scale, market share, market growth, etc
  2. Growth and GTM: your own growth in the market, your go-to-market mix, etc
  3. Finance and KPIs: the results that are assessed as part of establishing your value
  4. Plan and Execution: assessing your management, people, ability to execute plan, etc
  5. Culture and People: can you scale your people, develop talent, achieve brilliance, etc
  6. Processes, Systems and Data: can these power operational growth, scale, results, etc

Our approach is to assess where you are, as a standalone and relative to your peer group in the market, across these dimensions in detail.  We always aim to produce an action plan to build shareholder value through operational improvement.

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